too late marlene for the last time

Good night, Katy, congratulations for the site, each time better!! This is the third e-mail that I send and I hope it can be answered! You know, I'm from Brasil, I love Duran since 87, and my question goes to Simon: I'd like to know who (or
what) is Marlene, in the song "too late Marlene", if she is just a person of his imagination or is she real, and I'd like to ask him to talk about this song, that I love and that's very important to me!!! Millions of kisses to you and to Duran, thanks!!! Amanda.

HI AMANDA. ONE OF THE REASONS I NEVER ANSWERED YOU IS BECAUSE THIS PARTICULAR QUESTION WAS ANSWERED ONCE BEFORE IN THIS COLUMN. HOWEVER, SIMON GRACIOUSLY AGREED TO ANSWER IT AGAIN: "Dear Amanda,how nice to hear from you. Regarding 'Too Late Marlene' it is written about somebody very special. I'm afraid it would be ungentlemanly of me to reveal exactly who that person is."