to the shore

Ok, so I'm listening to 'To The Shore', which is my all time very, very, very favorite song, and it came to me, there has to be a story that goes along with this one. Katy, could you ask the guys to pass along an anecdote, story, or anything that they remember about this song, either performing it or writing it. Anything. I crave knowledge! Thanks, Corene

I will be perfectly honest with you. Whenever I listen to "To the Shore" I am completely nonplussed as to what it really is about. I think I was going through a sort of experimental/impressionistic phase in my lyrics at the time. I really didn't care what the words actually meant, rather what people read into them was thge important factor like a sort of Rorsarch test. I do recall one of the tutors at B'ham univ. where I studied drama was called Chrissie I remember being fascinated with her but quite why she figures in the song I have long since forgotten."