this is how a road gets made

Ask Katy

Dear Katy, Simon's spoken word poem "This is how a road gets made" has similar stream of consciousness and vivid harrowing imagery like Alexander Bely's 1905 poem "From Petersburg". What I was wondering is if Simon was at all influenced by the Symbolist movement of that time frame when writing "This is How a road gets made". I would really like to know.Sueanne

" Hi Sueanne,I've never even heard of the symbolists but I'll sure as hell be checking some out now. I'm not quite sure where you get the "harrowing imagery" in the verse I wrote; maybe it's the idea of being followed - paranoid? Moi?I was actually wandering through a field in the South of England - stoned; I saw this track in the dewy grass and it started me thinking. You know how it is. s"