the rio eye

Hi Katy. Inside the cover of the Rio album, there is a symbol of a closed eye w/ two triangles. Forever I have wanted to know what it is and what it stands for. The same symbol, except the eye is open, appears in the Seven and the Ragged Tiger album. Your help would be much appreciated! Kim

I ASKED SIMON AND HE HAD THE ANSWER...BUT I AM THINKING HIS ANSWER MAY BE TONGUE IN CHEEK "It is actually a modern rendition of a pre-cabalistic symbol found in a kind of wallpaper pattern on one of the walls in the catacombs under the city of Jerusalem. After laboratory analysis, the marks themselves were found to consist of a very specific kind of clay that is only known to exist in the hills of Easter Island in the Pacific ocean. Exactly what the symbols stand for is unknown. They predate the "fish" symbols in the catacombs made by the followers of Christ by several centuries."