the instrumentals….

Dear Katy, Could you please ask Nick to tell us a little about the instrumentals that are on many of the albums? The ones that come to mind are: "Tel Aviv", "Tiger, Tiger" , "Rose Arcana", "Lakeshore Dring", andfinally "Fragment" and "Kiss Goodbye" from Pop Trash. Thank You Very much Katy AND NICK!!! Sincerely, Chris

HI CHRIS. I SPOKE TO NICK AND SINCE EACH ONE HAS A STORY..."Let�s start with TEL AVIV for now. TEL AVIV was actually the first Duran Duran song recorded with the original line up of Andy Taylor, Roger taylor, John Taylor, Simon LeBon and I. It was done in 1980 at Air Studios , Oxford Street, London along with one other song � GIRLS ON FILM. At the time, the band did not have a record label and neither of these versions ever saw the light of day. In fact, GIRLS ON FILM changed quite dramatically before it was released on the first album. TEL AVIV became a completely different song, and in fact, all that remains from the original is the title! The first version had lyrics. The TEL AVIV that is on the Duran Duran album was recorded at Chipping Norton Studios and at Red Bus London. Andy and I built the structure and nobody was quite sure what the final arrangement would be. Parts were added each day, usually very late at night. The piece really came to life when the string arrangement was added, which echoed many of the themes from the song. Simon added some �wailing� and John and Roger locked down a steady rhythm amidst the chaos Andy and I had created with layers of sound. I used a Prophet V synth to create the sounds and Andy used a Roland Guitar Synth to embellish his. While the song has been used as intro music for Duran shows, it has never actually been re-produced live."