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Ask Katy

Today is my birthday (a mere 22 to your greatness) and in the past 2 years I have had some magnificient encounters with you guys. Meeting you, getting on stage with you (Today Show) and presenting you with the BBG award. Now here is my question... this goes for everyone. With what celebrities did you have great encounters with? Who was your favorite group, actor/actress to follow and you actually got to meet? Who was your Duran Duran?

NICK SAYS "Frederico Felleni and Andy Warhol" ANDY SAYS: "This could get really risque, if you know what I mean...where do you start!!!! I worked on 5 albums with the late Bernard Edward's, and although he would never have classed himself as a celebrity he was and still is celebrated, he basically showed me the real deal regarding NYC, and that was a mountain of fun. On the west coast I suppose there's only 1-man that I could get into a sufficient amount of trouble with and still not be judged the following day, most people say he is tighter than 2 coats of paint but I did catch him once with his wallet, but when it came to LA this geezer had it sorted...Rod the mod. Who was my Duran Duran...nobody is that pritty, but if you were born in the 60's then for me it was the Beatles as a band and Springsteen as a performer. Andy T"