simon, simon, simon

Hi Katy, Since the mid 80's, i have noted down all the telepathic events and dreams about Duran Duran which i have experienced.Especially my dreams are quite weird and most of them came true! Actually in a way they are so clear- nothing too confusing about them. For ex: If Simon whispers "Thank you"into my ear ,the next day, i find out that their album's name gonna be called "Thank you"!! or if i meet Yasmin, the next week, she comes to my country and i meet her!!...i constantly receive messages from them and i don't why this is happening to me???...i can't explain this communication link between us...i want to ask Simon whether he is interested in dreams etc. because he is the one most of the time who keeps sending me the messages! Best of luck on the new album. much love Eren.

EREN, YOU ASKED. SO HERE IS YOUR ANSWER: “Unbelievable! for about five years now I've been having this recurring dream where I keep meeting this guy called Aaron he's a sheep farmer in New South Wales. You HAVE to tell me Eren, is it you? Are you a sheep farmer in New South Wales? Anyway, the thing is that in the dream which is not totally recurring - because some parts of it are different every time in fact it's usually at these (not recurring part) parts that Aaron TELLS ME what I should write songs about and even on one occasion said "Thank You" (I think this proves it.) after I'd given him lift in my helicopter out to a farthest part of the sheep station so that he could shoot the "dingoes" which were decimating the newborn black-face lamb population. I am truly amazed and thankful to finally be in touch with my "dreamtime" mentor. best wishes and "kiss a koala" for me Whooshmaaaan”