simon on gee-tar

Hi Katy. Once again, love the section on the site..... I have 2 quick questions, first of all I have seen Simon playing guitar way back in '84 during Save a Prayer and indeed heard him on a couple of radio interviews, has he ever played on any albums? And secondly have the band ever written anything with the current tour band, ie Joe and Wes? kind regards, Matt, Portsmouth England

I ASKED SIMON HOW OFTEN HE PLAYS ON RECORD - COS I HAVE HEARD HIM PLAY JUST BECAUSE AND HE IS GREAT! "Hi Matt,from time to time I am permitted to play little snatches of guitar on DD records such as the riff on "None of the Above", the opening electric on "Thank You" and the very end figure on "Michael You've got a lot to Answer For". We have not as yet written any music with Joe or Wes."