Ask Katy

Hi Katy! I had copied below an email offering two DD cd's with rare and never released before tracks from the Wedding album and Notorious era... could you send my email to Nick and ask him what are his thoughts on this regard? Love, Carol ARTIST: Duran Duran TITLE: Four on the Floor LABEL: Big Beat, Japan STREET DATE: December 1, 2001 This is a limited 2-CD set recorded prior to the release of the 1993 self-titled Duran Duran album, known to fans around the world as The Wedding Album.

NICK SAYS " I have no problem with Nick collecting rarities. I know there are a lot of bootlegs out there, but this particular CD I am not familair with. I imagine the stuff on it must be some of our demos for songs for The Wedding Album and Nottorious, which you may find of interest as "works in progress". However, they were not meant to be released. Obviously the final choices made it on to the official CD. I am more concerned about what kind of idiot within our organization would have been foolish enough to allow such a tape to fall in to the hands of bootleggers."