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Hi Katy! I was listening to "Let it Bleed" by the Rolling Stones when I started to wonder...how does Duran Duran feel about music that makes a
statement, especially a political statement? Do they think it's a good, bad or dangerous thing when music and politics mix? Who do they feel are some of the best musicians at accomplishing this? Sending love from the Uni of Florida, Tiffany 🙂 (P.S.- Good luck in 2002)

"Dear Tiffany,
in truth I have to say that it matters to me not one jot whether a song is of political bent or not. (Can anybody make that rhyme? It would seem to be a pity to waste it, even if it is a little on the pompous side.) However I would like to point out that there are many about who would attempt to make up what they lack in musical artistry with pseudo political rant. whooshdoodly s"

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