motorbike haiku!

Ask Katy

Simon, By the way, I was in a car crash the other day, hospitalized but ok, and regarding an earlier story of being in a motorbike crash and how the nurses played DD to me etc...(Katy has the story, she passed it onto you).....I have this feeling I'm not so luck in and on moving vehicles......but the connection of the story is I was listening to you guys when it happened.....I can't believe it.......the track was Come Undone.......just thought I'd tell you that......a question long were in hospital from that bike crash and do you still ride bikes?...I do but it's taken me awhile....... Love you Simon, Caroline

"Dear Caroline, I'm very glad to hear that you're OK. The subject of hospitalisation and road accidents is not particularly appealing but has inspired this haiku (that is classical Japanese verse form).

My bike launched my arse

At violent hard grey tarmac

I missed and chewed grass