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Hi Katy, I was wondering if, in his absence from Duran Duran, Roger was in any other bands, or did anything else musically? Thanks, Christy S.

I HAVE BEEN LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ROGER VIA E.MAIL. I KNOW JOHN DOES A LOT OF STUFF ON HIS OWN SITE (WWW.TRUSTTHEPROCESS.COM) AND I HAVEN'T BEEN ABLE TO REACH ANDY, SO I GUESS WE ARE IN LUCK THAT BOTH SIMON AND ROGER ARE "TEKKIES". "Good question......well when I first left Duran I'd really had enough of the music business and spent some years just raising a family,travelling and living a fairlry 'normal' life.In the nineties I was involved in a number of underground dance projects one of which was Freebass which made the top ten in the UK 97 dance charts with 'Love is like Oxygen'.I,ve been working on some new dance stuff recently which is about to become vinyl-I'll let you know when it comes out!!Love,Roger "