Ask Katy

I'm in a band and one night a couple danced into, and fell on top of our keyboards. The couple and the keyboards landed on top of our keyboard player. One of our cheap lightstands also fell over causing a bulb to explode spraying us all with glass. No one was seriously hurt and my twin sis and I had a hard time holding back the laughs. Would you ask the guys if they've had any notable mishaps that they would be willing to share? Shannon

NICK SAYS "Far too many to detail, however one springs to mind. We played a venue in Phoenix, AZ. We were performing in the round and the stage was revolving very slowly. At one point, an over enthusiastic fan decided to mount the stage,and in doing so attempted to lunge towards me. In the process, she demolished my keyboards which several panicked roadies were trying to hang on to as the stage was spinning in the other direction. i think she was rather embarrassed and didn't mean to cause such chaos. In the end, it proved to be quite amusing."