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Hi Katy. I first want to say that this is a great feature on this site! I have never seen anything else like it. Anyway....I have a question for Simon. My 2 year old daughter is really into music. She walks around singing all the time, dancing to anything, including commercials. She loves to sing with me in the car (of course to Duran Duran CD's). I have always loved music, but was never encouraged or even given the opportunity to pursue a musical instrument as a child. I want to encourage her and give her every bit of support and the opportunity to pursue this love of music if I can. I was wondering how you got started and what encouragement you received, and if you have any suggestions on what I should do for her. Thank you very much! Karen & Baby Amber in Cleveland

DR. SPOCK, MOVE ON OVER! “Dear Karen, isn't it wonderful, so many little kidz are into music , it comes to them so naturally - as it did for nearly all of us at one time. I think it is wonderful that you want to encourage her to develop her talent. Be careful not to push to hard because it's easy to make music seem like a chore, e.g. with a strict learning regime. What I would suggest is start off easy make music a part of your play together (this will be a lot of fun for you too) dancing, singing, drumming etc.. I honestly think that confidence and musical ability for a child begins with singing and unless she shows a real desire to play a specific instrument - that can come later, say at 5 years old. Whoosh s”