is it roger?

Ask Katy

Hi katy, is this really from Roger or from Roger Taylor of Queen? take care Michael:

Artist/Title: ROGER TAYLOR/FUNK FACE Lost This Feeling (2001 RT Music label limited edition 12" from Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor on his own newly created independent label, features Disco Mix, Deep Mix, Funk Mix and DJ Tools RT001)
Record Label: RT Music
Catalogue No: RT001
Country of Origin: UK
Release Year: 2001
Price £: 6.99
1. Disco Mix
2. Deep Mix
3. Funk Mix
4. DJ Tools

HI MICHAEL. EXCELLENT QUESTION! "You've not heard much from me recently as I've been busy in the studio with the boys again-[the albums sounding great by the way!] and yes, this is my record that I produced in collaboration with Techno programmer and producer Jake Roberts. love, Roger"