i lost my way

Ask Katy

Hi,First I have been a fan since the beginning, I even met my husband,a fellow fan, because I was trying to find "Interference."  Backaround the time of the "Strange Behaviour" tour I saw a clip of Simon on MTV reciting what sounded like a nursery rhyme.  It went, "Oh I lost my way in the thick thick fog, in the thick thick fog of London"  What is it?  I have been trying ever
since to figure this out and I cannot find it. Marcia

HI MARCIA. HERE IS WHAT SIMON HAS TO SAY ABOUT "I LOST MY WAY": "I LOST MY WAY....... is actually a 19th Century London musichall/pub ditty. I first heard it way back in 1978 at an annual folk music gathering my Auntie Sue used to hold at their orchard house in Cheddar Somerset. I find it comes in handy when I'm asked to perform an impromptu song at any time.As far as I know it is always performed a capello.s"