i can only describe this as a really good question!

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To Simon, I've been a duran fan since the early 80s and have seen you perform live many times. The crowd always adds additional lyrics from past live shows. For example, "That means Money Honey" in Girls on film, the screams in Notorious during the intro, and Union Of The Snake, "Think it's about to break".... Out of all these additional lyrics the audience supplies, which are the groups favorites to hear? Do you always expect to hear them? Do you specifically make changes from year to year to make the most out of the audience responses like you did on the Up CLose Tour with part in the middle of "I Don't Want Your Love" where you changed the timing so the audience came in with ..."I like waking up the house" and then Simon echoed "the house".... It was just so classy.

Thanks for giving us music that we can get in the groove with. Looking forward to the new album and a tour so I can continue to participate!

AND SIMON SAYS: "Talk about classy this is a very classy question. Truth is I just do whatever comes into my head at the time. Obviously as a tour progresses one tends to exaggerate the ad libs and spaces. s"

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