great bass player

Ask Katy

hey John - Usually people don't ask you a lot about your bass playing, when it is the center point of your career. Regarding that, you've always said you didn't have a lot of musical education before DD's first album came out. But basslines such as the ones in the Rio album are expected from full trained musicians. I'm wondering how did you become such a great bass player in less than 5 or 6 years. Did you followed some technique or had a teacher, or was it you alone practicing? -Picazzo Giles

"I guess it's all about technique really. As a bass player it's really been instinctive. I started honing in on bass players that I liked - mostly disco bass lines, Chic basslines. I found them quite easy to copy. I just went with it. Being in a working band you play everyday anyway. I never felt the need to practice, I'm not big on practicing. If you're in a band and the band is working then that should be enough practice."