first song

Ask Katy

Hi Katy, Great job! My question is for Simon, what was the first song you sang live in front of an audience as lead singer for Duran? How did it feel? Also, Simon I would like you to know that it isn't just the "young 'un's" that think you are MMFIC,(Main Motherf***** In Charge) us 31 year-old girls have known for the better part of 20 years! You rock! Love, the Orlando girls....

GOOD QUESTION: "Well babes,that one's easy - it was a cover of "I Feel Love" originally by Donna Summer. It was July 16th 1980 at the Rum Runner club in Birmingham, we came onstage to "Tomorrow Belongs to Me" the Hitler Youth song from "Cabaret" - precocious or what? I was so nervous the entire left hand side of my body was shaking for the duration of the show ( I think that means that is was my feminine side that was scared). Whoosh. S”