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Ask Katy

To Simon, I just came back from Philippines today and I rushed to DDwebsite immediately want to tell and ask something. Last Saturday I was in a Karaoke Bar, I believe there where about hundreds of Phil. people drinking and singing ,suddenly somebody requested "Ordinary World" everybody was cheering about this request song and every one in the bar was singing along with the music and the singer including me haha, just like a concert!The atmosphere was very unusual I saw people enjoying singing the song in harmony , not screaming at all, just like when you do "save a prayer "on stage , I was so happy about this scene and couldn't wait to tell you guys! Then my question is, is there any Duran Karaoke CD or VCD? I really would like to have one so that I play and sing at home, heehee...!Best Regards. Clement/Hong Kong.

"No there isn't as yet but there should be! S"