Ask Katy

Hi Katy,Great job with that email from last week on that person who was critical of your grammar and spelling. I can't believe someone actually had the nerve to send that to you. Oh well.

Quick question for Nick or Simon. On the cover of Seven and The Ragged Tiger there is a symbol of a blue diamond with a moon and a star in the center. What does that symbol represent? Did the band create it?

The reason I'm asking is because last week I had that symbol tattooed onto my arm and I've always interpreted it as the New Moon On Monday symbol. Am I correct? I guess I should have asked before I had it permanently tattooed onto my body. Oh well...I like it regardless if I'm right or wrong. Thanks Katy! Mike

HI MIKE. IT IS THE SIGN OF SATAN AND ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE IT…JUST KIDDING! NICK SAYS “I would like to say the diamond reflected the multi faceted energy generated by the intrinsic forces of magnetism when great personalities randomly collide at a pre-determined location from another parallel universe. The star symbolizes iridescent rays of permanent beauty which settle on those who most deserve inspiration and ascendance. Finally, the moon represents the deep sea of tranquility running through every living soul, drowning only those who fail to realize the importance of humanity and the true visualization of untainted pure creativity. But really, it was just a graphic design done by Malcolm Garrett.”