defining time

Ask Katy

This is for John - Do you sometimes feel as though certain songs will always leave you frozen in time and some songs are symbols of our (you, your family, friends and fans') journey growing up together? Just know that you made growing up in the 80's/90's/00's so exciting and you continue to create memorable snapshots in time for all of us to enjoy forever. -Elizabeth

"Well obviously over time I've come to realize that some of my music, especially the Duran Duran music, has really defined a time and place for people - no less for me. Just in the same way that music I grew up to has defined that time and place. It's also nice if you can reconnect with music later on and it redefines a moment. The first time you hear a song that makes an impact on you is obviously going to be the most significant time. As I was putting together a compilation CD [of solo material], I started to realize that so much of the material I had written and recorded over the last five years became such a symbol of a time and place for that period. "