big achievement

Ask Katy

I want to say first that, I am so glad to have Roger, John and Andy back in the band. I have been a Duranie since early 84, I was 13, now 30 :). Simon was a mere snippet of a man, just 26 years young. Looking back, Simon. Can you tell me what you consider to be your biggest achievement in your life??? Not just musically, mind you. I would never put such restrictions on you or your thoughts. Thanks a bunch! Carla, Arlington, Texas

HI CARLA. WE HAVE A THOUGHTFUL ANSWER FROM A THOUGHTFUL GUY: "Hmm Carla that's an interesting one. I supposed really the banal sounding things like being a half decent father and managing to hold mine and Yasmin's marriage together so far are the achievements that really count. Of course I've had some other exciting moments along the way - ocean racing, motorbikes etc... and... MUSIC well that's a- whole -nother story...........KATY!"