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Ask Katy

Hi, Katy, this question is either for John, Nick or Simon. As you were writing and recording the Duran Duran album (AKA the Wedding Album), the Gulf War was the centre of the media attention at the beginning of the 90's, and obviously affected or even inspired some of those recordings, most notably on Too much information and Ordinary World. With these military actions over Afghanistan, are they influencing in any way your new material? do you have a TV on in the studio as you had in 1990/91? can't wait to hear the new stuff. Ezequiel, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

SIMON SAYS: "Hi Ezequiel, I do think that what is going on in the world is bound to affect our work but not directly. There is a telly in the studio but it's very rarely on and when it is - it's usually tuned to the "Fashion Channel". yours (in a very fetching skirt) s"