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Ask Katy

Dear Andy, I am a BIG fan of yours. You have a beautiful voice and you play the guitar so wonderfully. I recently bought a copy of Thunder, and I think it's great. I wanted to know, what is your favourite song on it? I love "Broken Window" and "Night Train." And when was it released, was it in 1987? I would also like to hear more of your work, because I absolutely love everything I have heard so far (Thunder, Duran Duran, Power Station 1 &2, Robert Palmer, and Belinda Carlisle), so, out of everything you have done, what do you suggest I listen to next? Thank you for your time!

"Out of all the things I have done there are a couple of things I have not released, mostly recently an album with an Irish/Brit singer Liam Keenan, who is easily the most talented gezzer I have met for years, other than that may I suggest you listen to the new DD album due for next spring. AT"