a quiet life?

Dear Katy, I'm passionately in love with the site, especially Ask Katy. I was wondering if the "price of fame" ever seems a little too high for the guys and they daydream of a quieter life with a quiet job. What do they imagine themselves doing? A teacher? An architect? A used car salesman? Love, Tapanga

I ASKED SIMON WHAT HE WOULD BE DOING IF HE WASN'T THE LEAD SINGER FOR DURAN DURAN. AFTER NIXING HIS "BACKING VOCALIST FOR DESTINY'S CHILD" IDEA, HE CAME UP WITH THIS: "Dear Tapanga,Funny, sometimes I do muse as to what life could've been like if.....Honestly, I think something on the sea would/would've suited me - fisherman, oceanographer, windsurf instructor(joke). Otherwise anything else in the open air - gardener or gamekeeper.s"