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  2. Out of My Mind

Release Date:

March 27, 1997




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  2. Out of My Mind


  • Out of My Mind

    [Verse 1]
    Light a candle
    Lay flowers at the door
    For those who were left behind
    And the ones who've gone before
    But here it comes now
    Sure as silence follows rain
    The taste of you upon my lips
    The fingers in my brain
    Ever gentle as it kills me where I lay
    Who am I to resist?
    Who are you to fail?

    Got to get you out of my mind
    But I can't escape from the feeling
    As I try to leave the memory behind
    Without you, what's left to believe in?

    [Verse 2]
    And I could be so sorry
    For the way it had to go
    But now I feel your presence
    In a way I could not know
    And I wonder
    Do you ever feel the same
    In whispering darkness
    Do you ever hear my name?


    How could you dare
    To become so real
    When you're just a ghost in me


    Here in the back of my mind
    Deep in the back of my mind