Duran Duran debuts new song from ‘Danse Macabre’ album, proving the wild boys still shine

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – As Duran Duran bopped through their 1983 hit, “Is There Something I Should Know?,” vintage magazine covers spotlighting their popularity of that era flipped across overhead screens.

“We’re not dead yet!” proclaimed one screaming quote from the band, plastered over a photo of them in all of their foppish, New Wave glory.

Forty years later, Duran Duran’s career is not only decidedly alive, but flourishing, with a new album in 2021 – “Future Past,” the impetus for this tour – and another collection of new songs, reworked classics and covers coming Oct. 27 (“Danse Macabre,” the title track performed for the first time at this Capital One Arena show).

At the Sept. 13 show, the original quartet of singer Simon Le Bon (still delightfully hammy), bassist John Taylor (still Twizzler-thin and effortlessly cool), drummer Roger Taylor (the quiet anchor shrouded behind his kit) and keyboardist Nick Rhodes (stately, elegant and oh-so-stoic) snaked through a career-spanning 20-song setlist with ease and taut musicianship.

The packed venue was primarily stocked with Gen X-ers who grew up with the band’s MTV dominance and forward-thinking synth-drenched pop-funk, but plenty of twentysomethings and Baby Boomers dotted the venue as well.

The dustbin of ‘80s has-beens overfloweth. Don’t dare include Duran Duran in that company.

Here are some highlights from the show, which included a rousing opening production from Nile Rodgers and Chic and an early set from Bastille.