Duran Duran Appreciation Day 2023

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As another DD Appreciation Day rolls around, what can the band members do but appreciate thoroughly DD supporters worldwide… you who make it possible and worthwhile for us to keep at it, touring, writing and recording, and posting on Instagram… 😉

This is a rare moment indeed when I can speak for every band member current and past, and thank you for giving us all the life we have. A life in music is not to be taken for granted - after all, who would have thought it? We didn’t know all that much when we started, back in 1978, but thanks to the encouragement from you, the fans, from the release of ‘Planet Earth’, we have been able to stay on it, learn and grow, and own our place in the celestial Muso-sphere! Not bad!

So... it’s a special day for us and for those of you who share the journey with us. Thank you, merci, obrigato, grazie and danke.. let’s drink a toast to band members past and current, and the Duranies who keep us elevated!