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Any plans to come to Australia (probably not this year...)? Would be my first time seeing you!! #chatwithDD - @mellen_21

“YES! We love Australia and are very excited about our unconfirmed plans that are in place. Maybe end of this year, beginning of next. WHOOOSH!”

hi Simon how are you spending this isolated time at home? Are you still writing new songs? Love ya n stay safe. #chatwithDD - @Ruthprowton1

“Fixing stuff around the house that needs fixing, listening to audio books with a bit of reading, playing with my grandchildren, trying not to binge watch all the good shows at once since we may have to sit this one out for awhile. WHOOOSH!”

Can we get a hint about the sound/themes of the album in the works? The tentative name of the album? #chatwithDD - @DioneRochelle

“A hint…ummm…I think you could heavy rhythm asylum with just a hint of mayhem. WHOOOSH!”

Any new up and coming artists you’d recommend? #chatwithdd - @BISYNTH

“Well…when I write I focus on what we are doing but I am excited about a singer called Celeste, who won best new singer at BRITS. She is like a modern Billie Holliday without the drugz prob. WHOOOSH!”

Have you and or the rest of Duran any plans to do a virtual gig! #chatwithDD - @lyndatuner

“Like the one Coldplay has done? Not sure…we like an audience. That might make me quite sad. WHOOOSH!”

Hi Simon what's your favorite Britpop band? Oasis or Blur? Love from Colombia #chatwithDD - @sup_ernova_

“I never ever subscribe to that rivalry, I think they are both extremely important musical outfits and I refuse to choose a preference. I like them both, a lot! WHOOOSH!”

Simon, what is currently on your reading list? #chatwithDD - @LateBar_Lounger

“MILKMAN by Anna Burns but I am being very slow with it. WHOOOSH!”

Hey Simon, just heard the Story Of How! Incredible song! You and Nick Wood have recorded some absolute blinders! Might you one day put together and release a compilation? @duranduran #chatwithDD - @monty772011

“I suppose so, it is possible, definitely. WHOOOSH!”

Ciao Simon!! How about Italy? Hopefully soon after this danger is over? Milano love DD #chatwithDD - @antonio_fruino

“Italy is just so terrible, it’s such sad news. Everybody is thinking about you. Such a tragedy. WHOOOSH!”

Hey simon! how does it make you feel that younger fans are connecting and making friends because of your music? #chatwithDD - @cloudedbythesun

“I think it’s wonderful, and it’s the best thing about how music has changed recently… although we don’t get paid as we used to, the fact is, young people now aren’t discriminating about the era of music they listen to, they just look for good music. WHOOOSH!”

Will you promisse if #RockInRioLisboa be canceled that you´ll return to Lisbon for a concert in a near future? #chatwithDD - @maria_fragata

“Tt isn’t cancelled, but if it was, I sincerely hope we would come... Lisbon is high up at the top of where we’d like to go, but no promises, sorry! WHOOOSH!”

Simon I still don't get that dreadful joke you made back in 1986 🙂 I love you hahah
- @beetlejuIes #chatwithDD

“Me too! WHOOOSH!”

Any plans to write an autobiography in the future? #chatwithDD - @TetamaraV

“No, I like doing music and performances, I don’t really want everyone to know all this stuff about me. Retaining mystery is part of the magic, I am not going to tell all my secrets. WHOOOSH!”

Have you ever been star struck? #chatwithDD - @Redheadrt

“YES! I was star struck by David Bowie, and by Gregory Peck in a hotel in Berlin. He was such a charming man. And Scarlett Ingrid Johansson. WHOOOSH!”

Hello Simon, French fan here! Do you have any French artist or band you really love in particular? can’t wait to hear the new album #ChatwithDD - @mumoftears

“Yes I do! Obviously, Edith Piaff is a one, Plastic Bertrand and also AIR, they’re great. WHOOOSH!”

LePhat, what mask & gloves did you get?? Pink? #ChatwithDD - @DinosMa

“no, black!”

Simon, was "Late Bar" based on a real experience? Btw... I tried a classic Duran pose for my profile pic #ChatwithDD - @ChadFRogers

“If you’d like it to be, then it is. WHOOOSH!”

What movie would you recommend to watch if you’re in self isolation? I need something fun! #chatwithDD - @missemmacaitlyn

“Loved “The Two Popes” a wonderful, gentle story. The intellectual and spiritual relationship is the drama of it, amazing script, amazing acting, it really touched me WHOOOSH!”

Fave INXS song? #chatwithDD - @moneyintolight

“My favourite would be between “New Sensation” or “Need You Tonight”…probably “Need You Tonight.” WHOOOSH!”

Fave DD B-side? #chatwithDD @moneyintolight

“oh my god… Winter Marches On”….hmmm…”We Need You”...hang on , hang on…”Secret Oktober” was a B Side, I am going for that one! WHOOOSH!”

"My time is up! I wish I had more time but sadly I have to say goodbye. Stay safe, try to keep your nose clean, we will carry on and make it through! WHOOOSH! Simon"

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