Duran Duran and David Lynch Announce Omaze Campaigns to Support “Heal the Healers Now”

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Duran Duran and David Lynch Announce Omaze Campaigns to Support “Heal the Healers Now” Initiative to Provide Transcendental Meditation to US Medical Professionals Battling COVID-19

British Music Icons and Filmmaker to Offer Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences to Lucky Fans through Omaze, the Leading Online Fundraising Platform, at omaze.com/duranduran and omaze.com/coffee

New York, NY – May 4, 2020: “Heal the Healers Now,” a national initiative from the David Lynch Foundation to bring the stress-reducing Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique to medical professionals who are battling the coronavirus pandemic, is receiving fundraising support from Duran Duran and filmmaker David Lynch, chair of the David Lynch Foundation. In two separate campaigns launching today through the leading online fundraising platform Omaze, Duran Duran and Lynch are offering fans who donate to “Heal the Healers Now” a chance to win VIP experiences.

Fans can visit omaze.com/coffee for a chance to score VIP tickets to a future Duran Duran concert (plus flights and hotel accommodations for the trip) as well as a virtual photography session with keyboardist Nick Rhodes. Every donation made through Omaze gives you a chance to win.

Fans can visit omaze.com/coffee to win a coffee date over video chat with legendary filmmaker David Lynch, who will also draw a picture of the winner during the chat.

“Duran Duran have been fortunate enough to make music and share it with our fans around the world, over four decades. Right now, when many people are affected by COVID-19 in some way, we all need to find new ways to adapt to life and to help those around us. Healthcare workers who are battling to hold our world together through these traumatic times have been some of the most impacted by the virus,” said Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran. “David Lynch's absolute commitment as an artist has also been reflected in his equal engagement with meditation. Through his foundation he has previously helped many people and I think it is meaningful at this moment that The David Lynch Foundation are offering the opportunity for all medical workers to learn TM for free. We are thrilled to be involved in this initiative through the Omaze campaign. Please join us in supporting Heal the Healers Now.”

Transcendental Meditation is an easy-to-learn, enjoyable-to-practice mental technique for deep relaxation and stress reduction that has been successfully offered in medical schools, academic and VA medical centers, hospitals, military academies, substance abuse centers, prisons and other settings, according to the TM.org website.

Instruction in the TM technique for healthcare providers includes eight hours of specialized training by a trauma-informed teacher, which includes one class of personalized instruction, as well as a comprehensive, one-year follow-up program to ensure the provider is gaining maximum results. The technique is practiced for 15-20 minutes twice a day. Training for healthcare professionals battling COVID-19 will begin once health authorities give the greenlight for teaching medical workers onsite.

“TM has been shown to reduce stress and trauma, and these healthcare workers need this now more than ever, both during and after this pandemic has passed. Please help us bring this meditation to the heroes on the front lines,” said filmmaker David Lynch, chair of the David Lynch Foundation.

Celebrities including Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres, Oprah Winfrey, Katy Perry, Tom Hanks, Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Sting, Russell Brand, Laura Dern, Lena Dunham, Naomi Watts, Mary-Louise Parker, Amy Schumer and Bill Hader practice Transcendental Meditation and support the work of the David Lynch Foundation to bring the meditation for free to at-risk adults and youth.

Over 400 peer-reviewed published studies on TM have documented improvements in a wide variety of stress-related disorders, as well as significant improvements in cognitive function and overall health and well-being. The National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense have awarded nearly $30 million in grant support for research on TM.

For more information, and to make a tax-deductible donation directly to “Heal the Healers Now Fund,” please visit HealTheHealersNow.org or contact Heroes@DavidLynchFoundation.org.

To enter to win VIP experiences with Duran Duran or David Lynch and to support the work of these organizations, visit omaze.com/duranduran or omaze.com/coffee.

About the David Lynch Foundation
The David Lynch Foundation helps to prevent and eradicate the all-pervasive epidemic of trauma and toxic stress among at-risk populations through promoting widespread implementation of the evidence-based Transcendental Meditation (TM) program in order to improve their health, cognitive capabilities and performance in life. Working in partnership with an international network of specially trained instructors, the David Lynch Foundation works to promote the use of TM to heal trauma and reduce stress.

About Omaze
Omaze is an online fundraising platform that makes giving fun and easy by offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences in support of critical causes. Our campaigns connect influencers, nonprofits and donors to create lasting impact, and have raised funds and awareness for more than 350 charities with donations from over 180 countries.

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