Duran Duran Collaborate with D.S. & Durga on Limited Edition Fragrance Collection

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Duran Duran Collaborate with D.S. & Durga on Limited Edition Fragrance Collection Celebrating Four Decades of Duran Duran’s Music

The Four Fragrances are Available Exclusively at Liberty of London

With countless hits known around the world, Duran Duran have proven themselves to be timeless songwriters and incredible musicians – both in the studio and on stage. Branded as teen idols when they began - drawing comparisons to the Beatles in terms of the global hysteria they generated – Duran Duran have evolved into rock royalty with a pedigree that few can match. Over 100 million records sold. Seven Lifetime Achievement Awards. Grammys. Ivor Novellos. A star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. A style award presented by the city of Milan. The Duran Duran thumbprint is found on much of today’s cultural zeitgeist. In celebration of four decades of innovation, the band approached one of the hottest new fragrance houses, D.S. & Durga, to realize four scents inspired by iconic songs from their catalogue.

Perfumer David Moltz is himself a musician, so the synergy was there from the start. “We grew up on Duran Duran, and were really excited when they called,” Moltz says. “Simon (Le Bon) came to my studio and we worked closely together to translate the lyrics and images from the songs into scent. Simon has a great instinct for perfume, so the process was seamless.”

“I just didn’t want to smell like every body else, so got working with D.S. & Durga to create something different. The collection we came up with is four very different new scents which are brave, original, cut to the heart and ring like glass. I love every one of them” says Duran Duran frontman Le Bon.

FRAGRANCES with notes from perfumer David Moltz

HUNGRY LIKE THE WOLF, 1982. smells like it sounds

“I insisted on this song from the 80’s (although there were so many that would have worked!) The fragrance is animalic and captures some of the scenes in the video - the market, the jungle at night. It is furry, wolfy and badass!”

Notes include leather, atlas cedar, cade, sandalwood and patchouli.

COME UNDONE, 1993. immaculate dream made breath & skin

“A sexy song and a sexy scent! It smells of body secretions - musks, hot breath and possibly illegal substances.......!”

Notes include oil of saffron, coca leaf, geraniol and tonka.

SKIN DIVERS, 2007. love in an aquatic landscape

“Using Calone (a molecule created in the 1990’s) to help convey a drenched love affair.”

Notes include seaweed, blue water, ylang ylang, vetiver and bergamot citrus.

YOU KILL ME WITH SILENCE, 2015. cold, silent northern woods in torment, smoke and ice

“A cold and smokey Arctic wood fragrance. It uses Nootka tree and wintergreen extract to achieve a bitter woody note that conjures the feeling of being frozen out by a loved one in a fight - like in the song.”

Notes include smoke, cistus, ice and incense.

The Duran Duran Fragrance Collection from D.S. & Durga will be available in October in a 10ml oil- based rollerball. Each fragrance is limited to 500 pieces and will be available exclusively at Liberty of London and priced at £68.

D.S. & Durga is the hottest fragrance brand to emerge from Brooklyn, New York. They create a collection of original scents created by self - taught perfumer David Seth Moltz and his wife Kavi Ahuja Moltz. Together, David and Kavi produce the finest collection of premium niche fragrances that invite one to explore imaginary landscapes inside the bottle.