Yes, There’s Something You Should Know: 8 Duran Duran Deep Cuts

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In 2016, Duran Duran are both more critically acclaimed than ever and yet deeply underrated. Unlike other groups who break up and reunite multiple times, they have never stopped recording, refusing to make things easy for themselves. They experiment, they stumble, they come back better than ever. For those of you who blast Rio on a loop and want to try something new, here are 8 deep cuts that deserve more love.

1. “Michael You’ve Got A Lot To Answer For”
This beautiful track from 1997’s Medazzaland is a haunting tribute to the late Michael Hutchence and features some of Simon Le Bon’s best vocals.

2. “Too Much Information”
1993’s self-titled release was the first of many comebacks – the opening track is delightfully snarky and got passed over in favor of more commercial fare. It’s made a welcome return on the band’s current tour.

3. “My Antarctica”

4. “Winter Marches On”
While Duran Duran are synonymous with upbeat dance music, their talent for crafting atmospheric ballads is one of the best kept secrets in rock. “My Antarctica” and “Winter Marches On” are beautiful and spooky.

5. “I Believe (All I Need To Know)”
The recent deluxe editions of Duran Duran’s 80s output brought some great b-sides to the surface. This outtake from Big Thing should have been on the album.

6. “Nice”
Nice” was the third and final single from their 2004 comeback (yes, another comeback) and didn’t make a dent in the charts despite being one of the strongest tracks on the album.

7. “Other People’s Lives”
At this point it’s not even a comeback – they’ve been here for years. “Other People’s Lives” is a catchy throwback with some of Le Bon’s funniest lyrics in years.

8. “Friends Of Mine”
And finally, if you haven’t seen Duran Duran live, please do so. This vintage performance of a Kraftwerk-inspired tune from their debut rocks incredibly hard and will make you dance. If you’re in your office please make sure to get your boss’s permission. Thanks.

Courtesy Sympathizer - click for YouTube videos of the songs.