The 10 Most Stylish Bands of All Time

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8. Duran Duran

Pound for pound, Duran Duran are the most consistently stylish of all of the British invasion bands of the 1980s. Culture Club‘s Boy George made more of an individual impact, Depeche Mode reached out to a more isolated audience and A Flock of Seagulls became the butt of too many gags even then. Duran Duran (like their rivals Spandau Ballet) are a band of handsome men, each with their own sense of style. Roger Taylor‘s matinee idol good looks contrasting strongly with the frosty femme fatale pout coming from Nick Rhodes. Simon Le Bon may have the swagger, but it’s John Taylor that effortlessly makes anything from military epaulettes to a burgundy lowlights look handsome.

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