Simon Le Bon: 5 of the Best Diving Sites in the World

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Diving in the Red Sea / Shutterstock
1. The Red Sea
Just south of the Israeli city of Eilat, off the Sinai Peninsula, is one of my favourite places to dive. The waters are warm and are so clear and blue, that you dive in and you feel like you’re flying. There’s also loads to see: beautiful coral reefs, fishes, wrecks. It’s wonderful.

2. The Grenadine Islands
I absolutely love diving around the Grenadines. There’s nothing better than snorkelling around Union Island and the Tobago Cays. The water here is very shallow and bright, and it makes the fish and other sealife feel very close to you. As an area it’s also just a sunny, happy place.

3. The Andoman Sea
The sea off the southern coast of Thailand is a beautiful place to dive. My favourite part is the area around Phang Nga Bay, with its dramatic limestone rock formations. It’s also home to the island of Khao Phing Kan, which featured in the Bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun.

4. The Baltic Sea
An unlikely choice, but for those with an adventurous streak – and a well-insulated dive suit – the Baltics are great. The visibility isn’t particularly good, but it’s a fascinating area. There are several wrecks and, because the salinity in the water is so low, many of them are incredibly well preserved. But goodness, the water’s cold!

5. The Orkney Islands
I’ve never actually dived here, but it’s on my bucket list as I’ve heard it’s amazing. There’s stunning wildlife and scenery and is also a treasure trove of sunken ships. For Brits it’s easy to get to – and we’re used to the weather! Now I just need to find a free weekend…

Simon is an ambassador for Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE), a UK-registered charity dedicated to tackling the acute problem of over-fishing in the world’s oceans. To find out more about BLUE’s projects around the world, visit


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