Q&A Excerpt with Erin Stevenson

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Every month the Duran Duran Fan Community hosts a Q&A with someone in the band's orbit - last month it was backing vocalist Erin Stevenson. Here's an excerpt of her Q&A below:

Did you always want to be a singer? When did you know you had a good voice?

Yes! I've known it since a kid. I used to joke with singing and dancing whenever I'd get with my family until my Uncle threatened me to be still and sing. I sang Whitney's "The Greatest Love of All". He took off his hat, passed it around and he gave me all the money. I was approx 5-6 yrs old and I knew at that moment I'd be singing for the rest of my life.

When and where was your first professional performance?

Well, I don't mention it much but I used to be a member of "Girls Tyme" which became "Destiny's Child".

When did you first try-out to work with Duran Duran and what was the audition process like?

I think it was May 1, 2016. I auditioned with Simon at John's home. I immediately was put at ease by how human and cool they were...this is Duran Duran lol, however, I'm AWFUL at auditions. In true Simon fashion he was straight to the point. He pretty much said do you dance and can you sing! He played "Last Night In The City" and said now give me all the voice you've got. I smiled, I sang, and he said we'll let you know. I called my husband and told him I thought I blew it but if its meant to be, I'll be touring with Duran Duran. The next day I received my email...YAY!!

Were you familiar with Duran Duran’s music or did you have to cram before the audition?

Yes and Yes. I've loved their music since a child. They were one of the bands my brother used to tease me for watching VH1 and MTv about haha...now look at me. I had to cram because its one thing to love a song...its another thing to study a song. I knew the majority of their songs but I had never taken the time to study the backgrounds. Plus I kept getting lost in the lyrics, cause they're not typical and I admired that, that the day before, I closed myself in my studio and just focused.

Have you ever been on tour before? If so, with who?

Yes. I'm a blessed girl. I've toured with Justin Timberlake, Pharrell Williams, Jennifer Lopez, Janet Jackson, and John Legend to name a few.

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