Mark Egan at Barclays

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Roger & Simon were thrilled to see bassist Mark Egan at the Barclay's show the other night.

For those of you that may not remember, Mark played bass on Arcadia's SO RED THE ROSE. It was the first time Roger (and Simon) had seen Mark since they last recorded together in Paris over 30 years ago. Mark was blown away by the Duran show, and was excited to re-connect with two members of Arcadia after such a long time.

Mark has his own independent label, Wavetone Records, which has over 25 releases to its credit. He continues to play live and work with many talented musicians - you can catch up on Mark on his website.

Mark and Roger were recently interviewed about the experience of recording SO RED THE ROSE in the current issue (No.18) of Bass Gear magazine.

mark egan