Karen O, Wayne Coyne, Duran Duran Set for David Lynch Tribute Album Double LP Comprises Live Performances from 2015 Benefit Concert for David Lynch Foundation

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Last year's surreal, star-studded musical tribute to David Lynch will be released as a double album, The Music of David Lynch, featuring performances from Karen O, the Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd, Duran Duran, Sky Ferreira, Moby and more, Pitchfork reports.

Other performances from The Music of David Lynch include Ferreira's version of "Blue Velvet" — the Bobby Vinton tune made famous in Lynch's 1986 film of the same name — Lykke Li's performance of "Wicked Game" (Wild at Heart) and Rebekah Del Rio's recreation of her enchanting "Llorando" from Mulholland Drive.

Elsewhere, Coyne and Drozd mixed sections of the Eraserhead score with elements from The Elephant Man, while O performed "Pinky's Dream," her collaboration with Lynch from his 2011 LP, Crazy Clown Time. Duran Duran — whose 2011 concert film Lynch, strangely enough, directed — closed out the concert with their hits "The Chauffeur," "Ordinary World" and "Hungry Like the Wolf" (just "The Chauffeur," however, will appear on the album).

The Music of David Lynch arrives April 15th via Communion. A complete track list is available below.

The Music of David Lynch Track List:

LP 1

1. Angelo Badalamenti — "Laura Palmer's Theme"
2. Donovan — "Love Me Tender"
3. Chrysta Bell — "Swing With Me"
4. Tennis / Twin Peaks — "In Dreams"
5. Rebekah Del Rio — "Llorando"
6. Sky Ferreira — "Blue Velvet"
7. Jim James — "Sycamore Trees"
8. Karen O — "Pinky's Dream"

LP 2

1. Angelo Badalamenti — "Dance of the Dream Man"
2. Moby — "Go" (feat. Mindy Jones)
3. Duran Duran — "The Chauffeur"
4. Lykke Li — "Wicked Game"
5. Zola Jesus — "In Heaven"
6. Wayne Coyne and Steven Drozd — "Soundscape From Eraserhead and The Elephant Man"
7. Angelo Badalamenti — "Twin Peaks Theme"
8. David Lynch — "A Poem of Unknown Origin"

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