Fan Community Excerpt: Q&A with DJ Mad Marj

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Each month we feature a written Q&A on the Duran Duran Fan Community website and then the following month we put an excerpt on To follow are some highlights from our chat with Incredible DJ (and all around fun person) Mad Marj (Marjorie Gubelman)


We have Marjorie G in the house! Tell us a bit about yourself

I am so happy to be in the house, thank you for having me. I am a DJ, a mom and have been a Duran Duran fan since I was 13.

Some people reading this might know you better from your DJ name, Mad Marj. How did MM come in to existence?

I was college radio DJ in 1987. I had a 3 hour radio show every week and my name was Mad Marj. She went into hiding and came back to life in 2012!

How do you decide on which songs you’re going to spin? Do the clients give you a wish list?

I never go with the pre made song list, I am a true crowd reader and I believe my job is to make people dance and have a good time- it is not about me, so a list is selfish. If its client who has some specific requests I always have them ready, but I have found that once the party gets going everyone wants the ambience and vibe to stay fun and client requests are long forgotten. I have a ridiculous memory and know most names of artists and songs and can quickly pull them up as my set is going, I also sing most songs like a crazy teen.

Ok, Duran Duran: I heard a rumor one of them was your 1st love - which one was it?

Oh where do I begin, I think it was John Taylor

Craziest thing you’ve ever done due to your love of Duran Duran?

Three girlfriends and I heard they were recording in Montserrat and called the hotel and said we were Brooke Shields and they actually got on the phone and spoke to us! The phone bill was a big issue afterwards!

Is there a DD track you always spin during your sets?

"Girls on Film" is a great track that everyone responds to.

How many times have you seen Duran Duran in concert? Do you have a favorite show of theirs?

Probably six times, and the best was this year at Barclays in Brooklyn- They filled every seat, sang live better than most bands today, they entertained us and brought out special guests- and Simon in his white jeans did not disappoint! At the end he was still on the stage, having a ball when the others left... The energy was infectious. They sang a cover of “white Lines,” which was amazing, “Planet Earth” got everyone gyrating and a Bowie tribute as well, a few new songs and all the old anthems.. which everyone wants to hear. It was a really fantastic concert.

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You can follow DJ Mad Marj on Twitter (and you should) at @Marjorie and visit her website at