John Taylor Talks all Things Duran Duran as a Book Featuring Some of Their Most Iconic Photos is Released

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If you grew up in the 1980s, you’re probably well aware that Duran Duran were one of the most photogenic bands around.

But although the decade itself – together with its oversized shoulder pads, bootlace ties and general fashion quirkiness – may be long gone, fans of the band have the chance to recall it all over again thanks to a new book compiling some of the best pics of the lads.

Careless Memories sees world-renowned photogapher Denis O’Regan – who has snapped countless music legends – sharing some of his best-known shots of the band through the ages.

All of which left band member John Taylor in a nostalgic mood as he shared some (not-so-careless) memories of Duran Duran’s three decades in music…

‘It’s not the first time I’ve gotten to reflect on that period, it’s almost easier to recognise the other band members than it is to recognise myself. But it’s a young person trying to come to terms with the fun and fortune of the pop life.’

On being the object of teen adoration

‘It was really good fun, until it stopped being fun. It’s rare you get a band of equals, and even though there might be one that the camera likes more than the others, and essentially there’s something about the chemistry and that’s what makes it work. Everybody coming to it and it’s like ‘wow, it’s great, we’re a band’. But then you realise you have no life outside of the band and you’re desperately trying to find your independence.’

On his favourite Duran era

‘The pre-recording contract era! The Rum Runner era. It’s not really a favourite but there’s always something about the naivete and the sense of possibility, once Simon joined the band and Andy joined the band and there was a lot of pent-up energy ready to go, we had a really extraordinary time. The way we threw ourselves in to the project there was no competitiveness.’

On his (and Denis’) favourite pictures of the band

Denis: ‘I have loads in this book, John doesn’t, you don’t so much, because he’s less objective about himself. My favourites are the ones where you see John having a great time live, and you see him relaxing backstage, those are my favourites.

John: ‘It’s easier to look at pictures of the others and see that person and know that person.’

On the past…and the present

‘None of us knew how good-looking we were because we hadn’t yet received a fan letter, it was just all about music making, there was no sense of we have to write hits, it was just us defining ourselves as a collective. The more you get involved with the industry the more you start to be dictated to.

‘That said we had a fantastic time making this Paper Gods album, some of the days we had on this record were as good as it’s ever been. And actually this tour we did in the States just now was amazing.’


World-renowned photographer Denis O’Regan has toured the globe as official photographer to stars including the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

Coinciding with their new UK tour, kicking off on Friday, O’Regan has partnered with Sanderson, London to launch a pop up shop stocking his new, limited-edition, Duran Duran book ‘Careless Memories’ – priced from £250. The shop at Sanderson opens on Friday 27th November and closes on December 12th.

Duran Duran’s UK tour kicks off on Friday November 27 at Manchester Arena and reaches London’s O2 on December 8, with support from Seal and the Bloom Twins.

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