Duran Duran to Release “Epic” New Album in September with Help from Mark Ronson & Nile Rodgers

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Duran Duran has finally finished work on their new album, which the '80s icons are planning to release in September. The as-yet-untitled 14th studio effort was produced by, among others, Chic guitarist Nile Rodgers and Mr. "Uptown Funk" himself, Mark Ronson. Ronson also produced the band's most recent release, 2010's All You Need Is Now. Duran Duran drummer Roger Taylor describes the project as "epic."

Speaking to ABC Radio a few months ago, Taylor said of the new disc, "It's going to be amazing. We've been working on it for two years and, it's a real epic, actually: it's going to be an epic record. It's a real broad sound that we have on this record."

Nile Rodgers first worked with Duran Duran on their smash 1984 hits "The Wild Boys" and "The Reflex," as well as on their 1986 album Notorious, but Taylor says this new project isn't going to harken back to the band's classic '80s sound.

"Not really, no. It's very much in the moment," he told ABC Radio. "Of course it's always going to sound like Duran Duran. You know, with the four of us playing and singing on the record, it's undeniable a Duran Duran record, but we've not really referenced ourselves as much on this record. We've just kind of done what's come to us, and what's been instinctive. So, it's going to be a great record."

The first single from the new album is "Pressure Off," featuring vocals from R&B star Janelle Monáe; ex-Red Hot Chili Peppers guitarist John Fruciante also contributed to the project.

The upcoming album will be released as part of a new worldwide deal the band signed with Warner Bros. Records.

Courtesy ABC News Radio