Duran Duran Bring the 80’s to Bestival 2015

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80s pop kings Duran Duran made a startling return to the scene, with most of the youthful crowd digging their soaring melodies from the distant memories of their parent’s car stereos.

Kicking off with the prowling ‘Wild Boys’, Simon Le Bon struts about the stage as his band chant the song’s title behind, their way of letting the Bestival crowd know they’re in good hands for the evening.

‘A View To A Kill’ follows closely after and casts a look back to the time when James Bond did funk (take note Sam Smith).

The funk of ‘Notorious’ is as still as infectious as it was thirty years ago, giving David Bowie’s ‘Fame’ a run for its money, the group command a unanimous side foot stomp dance move which sees the group embark on funk-soul dance movement.

More impressive still, is the strength of the new material, ‘Pressure Off’ is pop genius with a nod towards their intentions for 2015. The refrain of ‘Step Out Into The Future’ seems to bare some significance. Rather than clinging on the 80s aesthetic of shoulder pads and feather hair, the group have adapted to 2015, slick suits and smart hair styles help make those huge 80s drums and floating funk guitar lines make sense in 2015.

A band like Duran Duran could be swept aside in the company of Flying Lotus and Jurassic 5, but instead the group make it their own as they command the Bestival crowd in the rhythm of the new romantic sway.

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