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Every month the Duran Duran Fan Community features a Q&A with someone notable in the Duran Duran community. Last month Orla Clarke, who worked on the last Duran Duran tour and now is employed at their management company, sat down for an interview. An excerpt can be found below:

1. Where was the 1st place you traveled to?

The very glamorous city of Blackpool, my Aunt brought me as a surprise when I was twelve. It was my first time “abroad” and I cried when I got to the ferry terminal as I didn’t have a passport, you absolutely didn’t need a passport, but I was inconsolable until I got on the boat. I love having a passport.

2. How did you get in to the glamorous world of rock n' roll?

One of my best friend’s introduced me to her Godmother who needed some help at Glastonbury for the weekend and I just never stopped from there, one thing led to another and then I was just on the road all the time.

3. Who was the first big artist you went out on the road with?

The first big artist was Michael Buble. I had toured with a few before him, but that was a huge arena tour that went everywhere and we were a 40 strong crew and it was so much fun, some of the people on that tour are still my close friends to this day, it was like keystone cops the hijinks we had all over the place.

4. How did you get the gig working as the assistant tour manager for Duran Duran?

I had toured with the Tour Manager Craig Duffy a few times, we had recently finished the Gorillaz tour so he called me up and asked if I would come out on the road with Duran.

5. What was it like working with them on the ALL YOU NEED IS NOW tour?

Really fun, they have been doing it a long time, so they know what they like which makes it easy to put things in place, some tours, people don’t know what they like so you end up running around like a looper, plus they are gentlemen, so you feel appreciated. They are funny too, so even when things are crazy, you can still have a laugh. We also went everywhere, so my inner wanderer was doing cartwheels.