Nile Rodgers Talks Duran Duran’s New Tunes

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by Matt Shine | 14 August 2014

Nile Rodgers says the Duran Duran songs he's been working on are sounding "sick".

The Chic guitarist-and-songwriter is in the studio with the band and producer Mark Ronson recording tracks for the group's next album.
Nile Rodgers

So far, Nile can't believe how good the tunes they are laying down sound and he is thrilled to be working with Duran Duran again after first collaborated in 1984 on a remix of hit single 'The Reflex' and then on their 1986 album 'Notorious'.

He wrote on Twitter: "This is turning out so good it's sick! Nile Rodgers & Duran Duran."

In earlier posts, the 'Get Lucky' hitmaker enthused about the band's professionalism in the studio and immense musical talent of singer Simon Le Bon, keyboard player Nick Rhodes, drummer Roger Taylor and bassist John Taylor.

He tweeted: "So awesome to be in a real studio recording with a real band! @duranduran @iamMarkRonson @nilerodgers ... In writing with Duran today I said, "Let's change one chord to a

G-7b6" and Nick played it instantly! proud (sic)"

Nile, 61, was a friend of Ronson's family and watched the future producer-and-musician grow up.

The disco legend is delighted he is now getting the chance to record with Ronson, 38.

He previously said: "I gave Mark Ronson his first Walkman and he started bouncing on one foot and then the other and then started becoming a producer. Can you imagine what it's like having me and Mark in the same room as Duran Duran? The love is insane."

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