John Taylor Speaks at Death or Glory

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On Sunday, May 18th, Death or Glory Records in Redditch (UK) hosted their second band forum, which is organized for local bands and artists to meet and discuss the local music scene, network and offer advice to each other. The event, hosted by the shop, announced that they are continuing to increase levels of local music being sold in the store, have signed two bands to its label and that they are starting to manage a local singer songwriter.

Duran Duran's John Taylor stopped by as both an interested local resident and special guest, as he had kindly offered to come and support a record shop in his home town. Sharing stories from the early days of the band, as well as keeping the audience up to date with how recording was going for their new record, John proved to be a real hit. He took the time to ask about their bands, gigs and recordings, and shared his wealth of knowledge in the form of advice and funny anecdotes.