John Taylor of Duran Duran Supports Henley Charity

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AN Eighties pop star has lent his support to an initiative in Henley designed to help people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.

John Taylor, bass guitarist with Duran Duran, visited the Henley Recovery Café at the d:two centre in Market Place and spoke about his life in recovery and his support for residential rehabilitation and peer support.

He shared his own personal experiences with addiction and its impact on others and heard stories of recovery from mothers who have cared for a loved one struggling with substance misuse.

Taylor said: “I could not control my use of alcohol or drugs and my using caused me to behave in ways I never would have done had I been sober.

“Nineteen years ago, I checked into a rehab facility. I spent 30 days there and it turned my life around.

“Based on this experience, I believe in rehab. I believe in the turnaround that is possible through rehab.

“A life that is spiralling out of control can be made useful and successful once living drug- and alcohol-free.”

Taylor also joined a panel of family members, researchers, charity representatives and former addicts to talk about drug-related issues such as law reform, the increasing availability of “legal” highs and the importance of rehab support. The event was organised by Henley resident Huseyin Djemil, a former drug addict who now runs a specialist substance misuse consultancy.

He said: “The Henley Recovery Café and the events that we run are open to everyone, whether you are in recovery yourself, or supporting the recovery journey of another person. Life really does get better when you’re off drugs and in control of your own destiny. We provide a safe space, free tea, coffee and cake to all visitors with no sign up, no sign in, no agenda.”

The Henley Recovery Café is open on the last Thursday of each month from 7.30pm to 10pm and will be open on Christmas Day. No appointment is necessary. For more information, visit

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