Duran Duran’s Top Moments of 2014

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As another year comes to a close, Duran Duran looked back at its last album, digitally released four years ago, on its Facebook page Dec. 21. But 2014 was all about the future for the British band, as fans eagerly await a new album, a tour, and more in 2015.

Even as Duran spent most of the year in the studio, 2014 was still filled with top moments for the band.

Superproducers in the studio: Duran Duran spent 2014 working with a variety of musicians on the band's 14th studio album, including new and familiar faces. Joining the band were Nile Rodgers, who produced 1986's "Notorious" album, as well as Mark Ronson, who helmed "All You Need Is Now," the album that is celebrating its four-year anniversary. Duran also spent time with producer Mr. Hudson and musician John Frusciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

A return to the stage: Over the summer and into the fall, Duran Duran played a handful of live shows. Duran performed at the White Nights of St. Petersburg Festival in Russia, the Fashion Rocks televised special, and a couple of shows in Austin, Texas: one celebrating Grand Prix weekend and another at the DellWorld Convention. The band played a variety of its hit songs, but no new music.

Stars pay tribute: Manimal Vinyl offered Duranies new music despite the wait fans were enduring for the new album. "Making Patterns Rhyme" was released in 2014, boasting cover versions of Duran classics by the likes of Moby, Warpaint, and others.

Lynch film has legs: Duran's 2011 collaboration with director David Lynch loomed large in 2014, as the concert film played in movie theaters across North America. "Duran Duran Unstaged" also was available live on demand on cable television.

Hungry Like A... Singer Simon LeBon offered music fans a treat in the form of a high-profile performance on the soundtrack to the newest "Hunger Games" film. LeBon appeared on a Lorde-curated track with British singer Charlie XCX. Like the Lynch film, the song received rave reviews, including from Rolling Stone magazine, which called the tune one of the soundtrack's best songs.

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