Duran Duran VIP Fan Community Q&A Excerpt

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Pretty clever Q&A featured on the Duran Duran VIP Fan Community website - here's an excerpt!

Rory McCartney is an insanely talented art director who has now worked on not one, but two Duran Duran releases via Vinyl Factory - ALL YOU NEED IS NOW and A DIAMOND IN THE MIND.

How did you get involved with working with The Vinyl Factory?

What’s a typical day like for you ?

What is the first Duran Duran release you worked on?

You can be honest - are you a fan of the band?

Did you get to interact with any of the band members while doing the art direction for their vinyl releases? If so, which ones?

A DIAMOND IN THE MIND is available from The Vinyl Factory. Rory McCartney is this funny in person too!