Birthday Message from Duran Duran Guitarist Dom Brown!

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Firstly a HUGE thank you to everyone for the wonderful birthday messages!

The big day this year was a particularly eventful, fun and at times surreal one...It coincided with my good friends John and Phoebe's wedding day. Not only was I an usher, but I was part of a super-group of musicians who are mutual friends of John and Phoebe's.

This included Simon, Nick Mason and Guy Pratt from Pink Floyd, and Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet.

John had planned in advance for us to jump up on stage and surprise Phoebe with a set of songs that included greatest hits from each of the artists repertoires. The set list included "Rio," "Ordinary World," "Gold" (with Gary on lead vocals) as well as renditions of "Satisfaction," "Walk on the Wild Side" and "Midnight Hour." It was great to hear Simon singing these classic songs.

The grand finale consisted of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall" and "Comfortably Numb." I was on lead guitar duties, and it was a truly amazing and surreal experience to turn around and see Nick Mason encouragingly smiling back at me. When I heard Pink Floyd for the first time at age 12, I was totally blown away and inspired. It was actually a turning point and I knew then that a life of music was for me!

Although I missed my kids, I had a fantastic day with Martha and some good friends, and it was great seeing Simon, Nick and Roger away from the work environment.

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!
All the best
Dom x

SLB & Dom

Rog & Dom

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