The TV Mania Franchise Has Arrived!

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Back in the mid-90s, Duran Duran’s keyboardist and founding member Nick Rhodes and guitarist Warren Cuccurullo had what turned out to be a premonition of a society in which voyeurism was woven into the cultural fabric. In wanting to share their vision of the future, they created its soundtrack in the form of an album called TV Mania: Bored With Prozac and The Internet?. The tapes were thought to have been lost, so it wasn't until recently, when going through material at an out-of-town storage facility to digitize old masters, that Rhodes discovered the original TV Mania tapes misfiled, and swiftly decided they were long overdue for a release.The album, and accompanying exhibition 'Bei Incubi,' finally made their debut earlier this year.

As part of this ever evolving project, here is your chance to become part of the TV MANIA fabric by actually creating your very own TV Mania Franchise. Interested parties will be given a manifesto, a tool kit full of music stems, and some design elements that can be used to create your own remixes, images, videos, etc. The process is very straightforward, and entirely democratic, so it doesn't matter if you are an advanced user (a DJ for example) or an absolute beginner - everyone is invited to join in and create.

First step is to sign up and register the franchise location that you choose. The next step involves emailing the franchise name you've choose to for approval. You MUST use 'TV MANIA' as the prefix for your franchise name, selecting the location that you want to have listed after that (for example: TV Mania Dublin, TV Mania Moscow, TV Mania New York, TV Mania Pluto). The name can be real or fictional, but we will only be able to approve one name for each location.

Once registered, you will receive an approval email back, which will also include the download links with the materials and instructions you will need to start creating your own franchise on YouTube. Our hope is that you will be inspired to create any number of films, remixes, photography, animation, slideshows or graphics. You can use any design or editing programs you like such as Photoshop, Garage Band, Protools etc., and you can create and/or edit directly on Youtube as well. Please note, we need to approve your YouTube pages as well, so please keep all materials as 'Unlisted' until you email us your YouTube page link for approval. Like any good franchise, consistency is key!

Once approved, we will be judging the videos on style, uniqueness and creativity, as well the number of views you receive, so promote your videos through friends, family and fans.

Click on the link below for a full list of prizes!!

To get the Manifesto and full instructions on how to sign up, please the TV Mania website.

To listen to the album 'Bored with Prozac and the Internet?', click here.

Watch an Instructional video on the Franchise here.